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Name:Gabriel Tam
Birthdate:Jan 19
Gabriel Tam is the socially-connected, driven, ambitious father of Simon and River Tam, from Joss Whedon's Firefly. He's around fifty, tall, with hazel eyes and the same dark hair as his children-- although his is just starting to show some gray.

The Tam family is from one of the core worlds and is well-established enough that they were able to provide every opportunity for their two beloved, genius children. Gabriel always encouraged Simon in his pursuit of becoming a "brilliant doctor," and was instrumental in sending River to what they thought was the "best" school -- the Academy. Second-rate was never good enough for Gabriel.

When Simon realized that River's messages from the Academy were carrying a code, he tried to tell his father, but Gabriel wouldn't believe him. Eventually, they parted on unhappy terms, and have not seen each other since.

Gabriel Tam and all Firefly characters belong to Joss Whedon, not me. This journal exists solely for the purposes of the RPG at [info]milliways_bar; no profit is being made, and no infringement is intended. Questions or comments? Send 'em to [info]silveraspen by private message or email (aspen-at-silveraspen-dot-net), or catch me on AIM as Aspenx3.

As with all Firefly characters, Gabriel speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese. Translations may be found here for commonly-used phrases.

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